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What Lingerie Can Reveal About Your Lover

Did you know that certain kinds of lingerie are worn more by people with particular personalities? It is true! The type of lingerie that you wear can certainly tell other people what kind of personality that you have. The type of undergarments that you choose to wear can be an indicator of the kind of person that you are. And if you want to know what the common types of lingerie personality types are, you have come to the right place. These are some of the most common kinds of undergarments that are worn by people. Read on to see what kind of people end up wearing these lingerie types.

Thong - When a lady wears a thong, then it means that they love feeling sexy but also want to be low-key about it. This is because the thong is fun at the back but all business in the front. A girl who wears a thong wants to have a good time, but she can get serious as well if the situation demands it.

Boy shorts - A girl who likes wearing boy shirts just wants to be comfortable. It may not be the sexiest undergarment, but it is the most comfortable to wear. So a girl who likes wearing boy shorts also likes to be relaxed. A boy shorts wearing girl is someone that just wants to be carefree.

Thigh Highs - If a lady wears thigh high black stockings, she is confident in how she looks. Only confident and sexy women love wearing black thigh highs. And this is because these kinds of undergarments are a classic lingerie to wear. This is particularly the case if a lady is wearing designer lingerie that is a thigh high stocking.

G-String - A woman that wears a G-string is a lady who has a lot of confidence in how she carries herself. She knows that she is sexy and does not care what other people think about her.

Bra and panty - Gorgeous but comfortable, a bra and panty lingerie set is the perfect one to wear if a girl likes to feel sexy but also wants to be comfy. If you love wearing a bra and panty set, it does not have to be designer lingerie set at all. It can simply be comfortable to wear, but as long as you feel sexy in it, you will look good wearing it.

Panties can also show your personality too. So you can check your lover's personality as well if you know what kind of lingerie that they are wearing. And if you want to non-verbally signal to your partner that you have got some intention, you can do so through the type of lingerie that you are wearing. You can show off your flirty or sexy personality if you flaunt your body in some sexy lingerie. Your lover, or anyone that sees you wearing lingerie, will see how much of a confident and vigorous woman that you are.

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