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Natural Lip Tint Recipe

This is a recipe for creating the right shade of pink lip tint for you, given to me by Janette, who owns a lip tattooing salon in central London salon. You love the pink lip color your friend uses, but it doesnt look the same on you as on her? With this recipe you will create the perfect shade for your lips. This is a natural and homemade recipe for those women who like to treat their body and face with Mother Earths gifts.

The following recipe uses beet juice to produce the color shade in the lip tint recipe and a natural sweet flavor. It is important to wear gloves when doing the recipe to not get your hands all stain from the beet juice. The beat juice can be integrated little by little until you obtain the desired pink color. Because this is a tint, the color will resemble a soft and natural pink shade in contrast to the color of a lipstick.

Natural Lip Tint Recipe You need:

2 tbs. of sweet almond oil 2 tbs. of grated beeswax ΒΌ of a medium size beet Water


First, is important to create the beet juice. This is the step that will take longer. Cook the piece of beet in water and grate the cooked beet to extract the juice.

Next, gently heat the oil and beeswax in a double boiler. Remove the double boiler from the stove when the beeswax has dissolved. Start integrating the beet juice.

Once you have the pink color that you like, place the lip tint in a small clean jar. Do not place the lid on until the tint is completely cool.

To use, simply place a small dot of the lip tint on lips and spread with finger or lip brush. No gloss will be needed since the sweet almond oil will give the tint a glossy feeling. Do not do this recipe if you are allergic to any ingredients used in this recipe.

Protecting Dry Lips

This same recipe will keep your lips smooth and kissable. The use of sweet almond oil helps to keep the lips moisturize without using any petrochemical ingredients. Using synthetic chemicals can create irritation and more dryness on the lips. Instead, sweet almond oil nourishes the delicate lip skin making your lips feel soft.

Natural cosmetics are gaining popularity. What started as an environmental movement is now spreading into women learning about what their cosmetics ingredients are and how the use of synthetic ingredients can harm their skin, hair, body and health. Women have become interested on more natural beauty products and cosmetics for their overall benefits. Easy homemade recipes are now becoming part of every chic girl who wants to look great inside and outside.


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