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Top 5 Beauty Secrets For Everyday Routine

Every morning routine is a struggle for most women, especially if you are running out of time to do the perfect winged-eyeliner or rock the smoky eyes. However, no one wanted to step out of their house knowing that they do not look their best. Dont worry! You dont have to rely on make-up to achieve your best look. Here are the top five secrets to looking perfect every day.

1. Dont overdo with your shampoo Your hair is your crowning glory, so take care of it properly. Make sure that you dont shampoo your hair every day as it can damage the natural hair follicles. Shampooing your hair should be done alternatively. Instead, rinse it with water and used a conditioner that responds to the type of your hair accordingly. If you really want to shampoo your hair, we highly advise that you use a dry shampoo instead.

2. Exfoliate your skin Scrubbing your skin is important to maintain its glow and avoid breakouts of acne and pimples. Stripping away the natural oil of your skin is not healthy anymore. To maintain its balance, you must exfoliate at least once a week. However, do not exfoliate too much otherwise it will cause your skin to dry that can eventually lead to redness and irritation. Let your skin breathe from all the scrubbing, especially if you start to notice redness after exfoliating.

3. Minimize using hair iron If you want to style your hair, you might want to minimize using hair iron in the process. There are numerous methods in which you can naturally style your hair. However, if you cant prevent using a hair iron then make sure that you should at least use a heat protector to shield it from the extreme heat. Its one of the causes of falling and damaged hair most women are not even aware of.

4. Brush your teeth properly Nothing can ruin your style more than stained teeth. It can also hurt your self-esteem too. Hence, make sure that you are going to brush your teeth properly. Use whitening toothpaste and brush for at least three minutes, singing your favorite song in the process. Make it a habit of flossing your teeth at least twice a day. Pearly whites can make you three times more attractive.

5. Apply sunblock Lastly, before you stepped out into the sun and work, make sure that you are going to apply sunblock to your skin. In that way, rest assured that UV rays wouldnt damage the skin you had been taking care of properly. It also decreases your risk of having skin cancer.

Keep these beauty tips in mind every day you wake up in the morning. You are already beautiful. All you need to do is to improve it. This should serve as your guide and make sure that you include it in your beauty routine. The results are satisfying and can lift your self-esteem to a level you never imagined you could handle!

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A Guide To Lingerie Shopping

Lingerie shopping can seem confusing and embarrassing; thatâs often why women will just choose to not buy any or to shop online and accidentally end up with the wrong thing. Weâre here to help solve that problem. Weâll provide you with an easy to follow guide for your first lingerie shopping trip that will take out some of the guess work, fear, and embarrassment. Weâll be sure youâre shopping with confidence.

Look online before you go

This is a great first step for those that are new to the magical world of lingerie. If youâre not sure what youâre after or even whatâs out there, itâs a great plan to do some precursory research online. You can search all the different types, see what styles you like best, which ones you think will flatter you most, and get a better idea for what you think you can afford.

Take a buddy

The number one rule to follow for trying new potentially scary or embarrassing things is following the buddy system. The buddy system for lingerie shopping can really make all the difference because you have someone that can make you feel more at ease, someone who could make suggestions that might know it better than you, and you can get a second opinion on how you look without awkwardly asking a saleswoman to look at you in underwear. Now, thereâs a few guidelines you should follow when picking your buddy:

1) Choose a person who is familiar with lingerie and knows what theyâre doing.

2) Choose a person who is confident and not afraid to scare employees off when theyâre being too clingy and making you uncomfortable.

3) Choose someone you trust that you are comfortable with.

Keep an open mind

Itâs especially important to keep an open mind when going on your first lingerie shopping list because you donât know what you like yet. You have no way of knowing how a certain style or colour will look on you until you try it on. If you find yourself kind of liking one, try it in a different colour. Keep an open mind, but also be firmly honest with yourself. If you arenât comfortable wearing it, you wonât want to. Donât waste your money.

Set a budget

You may or may not know this, but lingerie is expensive. You could just wander into Victoriaâs Secret and see what weâre talking about. You donât want to go spending more than you have, especially not on your first trip. Set a budget and stick to it.

Buying lingerie for the first time can be confusing, embarrassing, and a nerve racking, but not impossible. Follow our easy to read guide on your first journey into the magical world of lingerie and weâll help you go in with confidence.

Avant-garde Lingerie And The French Glamour

The word avant-garde is a French words that means "advance guard" or vanguard". It generally refers to people or works or creations that are not only experimental but that are radical or unorthodox with regards to society and culture. Avant-garde are works that push the boundaries of what society deems as normal or culturally acceptable.

The first ever designer to venture into the world of avant-garde lingerie was Marlies Dekkers through her lingerie line "undressed". In this lingerie line she went beyond the in wear or the outwear power of lingerie, in order to find a balance between lust and seduction. Her goal with this line was to give women the confidence and willingness to use lingerie to show their source of power. It is no surprise that many celebrities have become addicts to the allure of avant-garde lingerie.

Other designers who have followed suite to Marlies Dekkers are Jean Paul Gaultier & La Perla, who came together to create precise shapes with an incredible mix of lace and supple leather which gave their lingerie line an avant-garde effect. Another designer who caught the avant-garde bug was Alexander Pope and Javier Suarez who created the label, Atelier Bordelle which consists of seductive and luxurious pieces that include their signature style of elastic bandages that have a caging effect on the woman's curves.

Designers that are considered offer the Avant-Garde of luxury lingerie and French glamour are Les Jupons de Tess and Absolutely Pm.

Les jupons de Tess was designed by Delphine Ballester Les Jupons de Tes who creates an elegance line that replicates the 18th century woman. The 18th century was characterised by the 'Art de la toilette' and female 'coquetterie'. She has upgraded the 18th century inspiration to create a glamorous range of corsetry and lingerie for a woman which is dependent of their mood, whether they want to be flirtatious, seductive or mischievous. The result of their designs are a delicate collection which uses finely worked, elegant and luxurious fabrics. The layers of chiffon, leavers, lace and silks which combine to create a couture feel. There are different lines within this label like the "So Naughty" which is a range that is as chic as it is also flirtatious and the "Basics" line which is made from microfiber with the intention of being cocooning loungewear.

Absolutely Pm lingerie is defined as the true reflection of freedom. "The freedom of a woman who is constantly reinventing herself as someone bolder and more glamorous". The aim of this lingerie is to transform the woman into a fashion accessory icon whilst bending the rules of feminine behaviour and transcending them. This lingerie is designed to be for a woman to wear every day, whether day or night which adapts to fit the elegance and sexiness of women who proudly and boldly show their independence and own it. This lingerie reinvents itself with each season, changing its material according to the season. Absolutely Pm is not just a lingerie label which reinvents not only how a woman looks but how she feels. Absolutely Pm is a lifestyle.

What Lingerie Can Reveal About Your Lover

Did you know that certain kinds of lingerie are worn more by people with particular personalities? It is true! The type of lingerie that you wear can certainly tell other people what kind of personality that you have. The type of undergarments that you choose to wear can be an indicator of the kind of person that you are. And if you want to know what the common types of lingerie personality types are, you have come to the right place. These are some of the most common kinds of undergarments that are worn by people. Read on to see what kind of people end up wearing these lingerie types.

Thong - When a lady wears a thong, then it means that they love feeling sexy but also want to be low-key about it. This is because the thong is fun at the back but all business in the front. A girl who wears a thong wants to have a good time, but she can get serious as well if the situation demands it.

Boy shorts - A girl who likes wearing boy shirts just wants to be comfortable. It may not be the sexiest undergarment, but it is the most comfortable to wear. So a girl who likes wearing boy shorts also likes to be relaxed. A boy shorts wearing girl is someone that just wants to be carefree.

Thigh Highs - If a lady wears thigh high black stockings, she is confident in how she looks. Only confident and sexy women love wearing black thigh highs. And this is because these kinds of undergarments are a classic lingerie to wear. This is particularly the case if a lady is wearing designer lingerie that is a thigh high stocking.

G-String - A woman that wears a G-string is a lady who has a lot of confidence in how she carries herself. She knows that she is sexy and does not care what other people think about her.

Bra and panty - Gorgeous but comfortable, a bra and panty lingerie set is the perfect one to wear if a girl likes to feel sexy but also wants to be comfy. If you love wearing a bra and panty set, it does not have to be designer lingerie set at all. It can simply be comfortable to wear, but as long as you feel sexy in it, you will look good wearing it.

Panties can also show your personality too. So you can check your lover's personality as well if you know what kind of lingerie that they are wearing. And if you want to non-verbally signal to your partner that you have got some intention, you can do so through the type of lingerie that you are wearing. You can show off your flirty or sexy personality if you flaunt your body in some sexy lingerie. Your lover, or anyone that sees you wearing lingerie, will see how much of a confident and vigorous woman that you are.

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Thanksgiving Day Dresses

Its fun time! Do you desire a beautiful Thanksgiving Day dress for the little girls and matching outfits for your little boys? Certainly, you will have whatever you desire! Your princess deserves a quality classy Thanksgiving gown with lace, embroidery, ribbon and/or other embellishments; that is fashionably fitted and comfortable for your child.

Make your kids look gorgeous with the cutest Fall and Thanksgiving Day holiday outfits from Carousel Wear. We offer a wide selection of modern Thanksgiving Day children clothing that are appeasing to the eye and heart pleasing as well. These clothing comes in varying sizes, prints and designs; and are produced using different highly quality fabric materials such as; fine cotton, silk, hand smocked fabrics, chiffon and lots more. Our outfits are durable and can outstay every occasion and season; therefore, it can continue to be part of your girls wardrobe as she grows. They are designed in different flowered patterns and styles embellished with beautiful, colorful ornaments and embroidery.

At Carousel Wear, we have hand embroidered smocked Fall holiday dresses, hand smocked pumpkins, cornucopias, scarecrows, fall wreaths and of course long sleeved dresses with exquisite designs in beautiful autumn colors; coordinated baby outfits for Thanksgiving Day in delicate colors and fabrics which can be used at different themes and seasons for all ages of children from new born to preteen.

All these and more, you will find in our online store and they are available for immediate shipping as you make an order. Our online store is accessible and available at all times regardless of your location and time. We specialize in affordable luxury and understand the need for fast and simple delivery. Ordering your children outfits with Carouselwears is hassle-free and undemanding. All you have to do is browse through the boutique easy to navigate website page and choose what pleases you from the extensive selection of our lovely Thanksgiving Day and fall holiday outfits.

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Moreover, we have other apparels for your kids which include; silk flower dresses, hand smocked dresses, Christening gowns, Coordinated clothing for twins, triplets, little brother and sisters, bloomer sets, smocked longalls, overalls, shortalls and a wide collection of top graded, unique and affordable Spring and winter clothing for your children.

Visit our easy to navigate and secured site, to select your favorite styles and patterns of Thanksgiving Day and Fall holiday clothing of any age, size and price. Currently, our online store has special pricing offers, promotions and shipping information that will favor you regardless of your location.