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Bridal Makeup Tips

Every woman aims to be the most beautiful and stunning bride on her wedding day. However, you wont achieve that if you dont use the right makeup products and apply them correctly. The good news is that there are several bridal makeup tips that will ensure youll get your desired look on your big day.

1. Apply a little more makeup than usual for photos. Note that cameras tend to blow you out in the pictures, so you need a little bit more to prevent the lights and camera from toning it down. If you plan to do your own makeup on your big day, then practice several times prior to that day. Take pictures, so you can see how it will look in the photos.

2. Use a primer. Cleansing and moisturizing your skin prior to applying makeup is necessary. Applying a primer is also essential right after moisturizing and before putting on your foundation. This can result to a smoother makeup, which can last the entire day.

3. If you want to add more drama to an otherwise natural makeup, line the top and bottom part of your eyes, then add some black shade into your lid. This will bring out a smoky and sexy effect. Use a bronzer to contour your cheeks then add a nude gloss to both.

4. If its going to be an outdoor wedding, show off your natural look by making your makeup lighter. Light and natural makeup can also make your eyeliner look more intense. A light pink blush-on on your cheeks and a soft and bright pink lipstick are also ideal.

5. Use waterproof mascara. You can expect its effects to last longer while also withstanding tears. You can also blend your regular and waterproof mascara. Just apply one coat of your regular mascara, then add a light coat of the waterproof one.

6. Use the most suitable eyeliners. Your best choices for your wedding day are mahogany, navy and charcoal. Avoid using either brown or black as both look too intense, making them a bit inappropriate for outdoor or daytime wedding.

7. Give your eyes and brows some shape and shade. Your eyes should be properly contoured. However, do not use a color or shade, which is too dense. Your brows should be properly defined by shading it with a shadow or pencil that perfectly matches the color of your hair.

8. Choose a bright lip color. Avoid wearing brown lip or pale nude lip color as this tends to make you look washed out in pictures, especially because youre wearing white. If your normal lip color is neutral, then consider using it as a base then top it off with a rose or pink hue. If you constantly use dark lipstick, then it can also serve as the base. Top it off with a lighter shade of pink. This can make you look brighter on your big day.

While preparing for a wedding is kind of stressful because of the many things that you and your partner need to do, it shouldnt be a reason for you to not achieve your desired look. With the help of the bridal makeup tips in this article, you will definitely feel more confident walking down the aisle since you know that youre showing the world how beautiful you are inside and out.

Power Assisted Liposuction; What You Need To Know

Power Assisted Liposuction is a liposuction that relies on rapid vibrations of the cannulas tip to loosen body fat before suction. The cannula in this procedure is smaller and more precise leading to less tearing and faster healing. PAL has been seen to remove 30% more body fat with lesser damage than traditional liposuction. It is ideal for areas that are difficult to sculpt like the navel area and inner thighs. It varies significantly from other liposculpture techniques such as laser liposuction . As a lipo technique what it can do and cannot do needs to be clear before you go for it;

1) Liposuction will not take away all unwanted fat

PAL is effective but there are limits to its effectiveness. It will not take away all unwanted fat in one session. An ethical doctor would advise against it and refuse to do it. This is due to the fact that removing very large amounts of fat in one go imbalances bodily functions. There are dangers in fluid imbalance, body temperature and skin function.

2) Lipo alone will not control weight

PAL will not be effective for weight loss when used as the only method. There are many factors that control to build up of fat. The biggest culprit is bad diet. The body will store fat as long as the calories taken are more than calories used. The rest are stored as fat for the lean times. These are mechanisms put in place by nature and they cannot be turned off. For the best results in weight loss, you would need to combine PAL with good exercise habits and proper dieting. Fat cells can be regenerated and this will happen if you go back to your old ways.

3) Liposuction will leave some scarring

You need to be aware that liposuction is an invasive technique. This means that the skin has to be broken for the operation to be done. PAL has the added advantage of less scarring but the marks will still be there. However, a good cosmetology can help you find ways of covering them. You could for example opt for a tummy tuck after having abdominal liposuction.

4) Liposuction is slightly costly

As a cosmetic procedure, PAL will cost you a bit depending on which clinic you choose. Prices range from $2000 to $8000. You could opt to go to clinics in Thailand but you would have to weigh the risks involved in having a medical procedure abroad.

Power Assisted Liposuction will leave you looking better but you should go into it with real expectations to avoid disappointment.

Types Of Abdominoplasty And The Risks Of Surgery

Before you go around looking for a specialist in abdominoplasty in Houston, Texas, you need to know the two types of tummy tuck surgeries. One is full abdominoplasty and the other is partial abdominoplasty. Full abdominoplasty is a surgery that will remove all excess skin in the abdominal area and will tighten up loose and weakened muscles below and around the navel.

A partial abdominoplasty, on the other hand, is an operation that involves removing excess skin, fat and tissues underneath the navel and tightening lower abdominal muscles.

Both types of abdominoplasty will require the use of general anesthesia. Usually, an operation will take about three hours. After a cut has been made in the pubic hairline area, the excess skin will be trimmed away and fat tissues are removed. After the doctor tightens the weakened or slack muscles in the abdominal area, he will reposition the navel. The incision will be closed with either clip, tape or stitches. Drainage tubes may be placed to avert the build-up of fluids in the wound area.

A patient may expect some bruises, pain, swelling and general discomfort. He will not be able to stand up straight in the first weeks of the operation and there may be slight numbness or tugging sensation in the treated area. Naturally, there will be dressings or bandages that will need to be changed regularly. Swelling can be reduced by compression dressings.

Just as with other kinds of surgery, major complications may arise, including: - Death of skin tissue around the wound area - Damage to sensory nerves - Allergic reactions to anesthesia - Bleeding or infection - Collapsed lung - Blood clots, which can lead to thrombosis, heart attack or stroke

With minor complications such as prolonged swelling of the skin tissues, unevenness of the navel or the skin, scars that may be inflamed or hideous and build-up of fluid in the wound, despite drainage tubes, further surgery may be needed.

It is important to remember that complications may arise because of a patients medical history or his lifestyle. People who are obese may have a chest infection after abdominoplasty and those who are smokers face a high risk of major complications. People who have severe medical conditions, are planning to be pregnant and are being pressured to have the surgery should not undergo this procedure.

To become a candidate for abdominoplasty, a patient should be in good health, should have excess weight located in abdominal section and have loose skin in the abdominal area. However, more than the physical qualifications, a patient should have a healthy expectation and is determined to maintain the results of the surgery through proper diet and exercise. It is important to be honest to a doctor about your condition, your lifestyle and your feelings before you undergo abdominoplasty in Houston, Texas.