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Natural Lip Tint Recipe

This is a recipe for creating the right shade of pink lip tint for you, given to me by Janette, who owns a lip tattooing salon in central London salon. You love the pink lip color your friend uses, but it doesnt look the same on you as on her? With this recipe you will create the perfect shade for your lips. This is a natural and homemade recipe for those women who like to treat their body and face with Mother Earths gifts.

The following recipe uses beet juice to produce the color shade in the lip tint recipe and a natural sweet flavor. It is important to wear gloves when doing the recipe to not get your hands all stain from the beet juice. The beat juice can be integrated little by little until you obtain the desired pink color. Because this is a tint, the color will resemble a soft and natural pink shade in contrast to the color of a lipstick.

Natural Lip Tint Recipe You need:

2 tbs. of sweet almond oil 2 tbs. of grated beeswax ΒΌ of a medium size beet Water


First, is important to create the beet juice. This is the step that will take longer. Cook the piece of beet in water and grate the cooked beet to extract the juice.

Next, gently heat the oil and beeswax in a double boiler. Remove the double boiler from the stove when the beeswax has dissolved. Start integrating the beet juice.

Once you have the pink color that you like, place the lip tint in a small clean jar. Do not place the lid on until the tint is completely cool.

To use, simply place a small dot of the lip tint on lips and spread with finger or lip brush. No gloss will be needed since the sweet almond oil will give the tint a glossy feeling. Do not do this recipe if you are allergic to any ingredients used in this recipe.

Protecting Dry Lips

This same recipe will keep your lips smooth and kissable. The use of sweet almond oil helps to keep the lips moisturize without using any petrochemical ingredients. Using synthetic chemicals can create irritation and more dryness on the lips. Instead, sweet almond oil nourishes the delicate lip skin making your lips feel soft.

Natural cosmetics are gaining popularity. What started as an environmental movement is now spreading into women learning about what their cosmetics ingredients are and how the use of synthetic ingredients can harm their skin, hair, body and health. Women have become interested on more natural beauty products and cosmetics for their overall benefits. Easy homemade recipes are now becoming part of every chic girl who wants to look great inside and outside.

The Top 6 Jet-lag Beauty Survival Tips

Jet lag can sometimes make you feel like garbage for many days to come thus affecting the look of your skin. When you have jet lag, you are likely to disturb your sleep-wake patterns making your body to experience physical stress due to changes in the air pressure when traveling. The following are the top Jet-Lag Beauty Survival Tips that you should know:

1. Hydrate your skin

Flying can be very dehydrating thus making your skin to dry. However, when you dehydrate your skin well, you will be able to improve your beauty in a natural way. You should ensure that you drink plenty of water at the same time using extra moisturizer for your skin care routine prior to traveling.

2. Staying Awake

Try to stay awake every time you arrive in a given new time zone. If you are feeling drowsy after such a long flight, you should resist the urge of napping. Through this, you will always be certain that you would the look of your skin by preventing the excess of moisture from your skin. Through this, you will be able to improve the looks of your skin in a perfect way.

3. Keep Moving

Flying can sometimes be a very inactive activity, but it does not have to be. How should you do this? You need to walk up or down the aisles regularly while stretching in the back. This will allow blood to flow in your body thus improving your skin look.

4. Avoiding Caffeine and Alcohol

Alcohol and Caffeine can dehydrate your body, thus making your skin to look dry and unattractive. In addition, you must learn on how to resist the temptation by reading a book or watching a movie. Through this, you will restore and repair your skin at the same time enhancing its look.

5. No Salt

Avoid eating salty foods. Everybody loves to snack whenever they are flying, but very high salt content can cause dehydration. You should choose a banana or apple instead when traveling to prevent your skin from drying.

6. Exfoliate your skin

When you arrive at your destination (home, hotel, or other), you should cleanse your skin by using a mild facial scrub to the dry surface skin cells caused by flying. In addition, you must avoid facial scrubs that contains natural grains like apricot kernels, almonds and walnut husks since they can scratch or irritate your skin. Instead, you should use scrubs that contains polyethylene, micro-beadlets or jojoba beads.

In conclusion, the above are the top 6 Jet-Lag Beauty Survival Tips that you should know today when you want to travel.

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How To Put On Fake Eye Lashes

Makeup & False Lashes Just Like Celebrities

No matter how hard we try to achieve your favorite celebrities beautiful , thick and voluminous thick eyelashes, it's really hard to achieve that look. Spending up to a couple hours in front of a mirror applying false lashes only to have them fall off. Well we have a solution for your problems and it can be done in 5 minutes!

Get your favorite pair of falsies and do your makeup. Also what kind of look do you want ? Do you want a more natural look or a dramatic look. For natural get handmade lashes such as Andrea false eyelashes or Ardell false eyelashes and for dramatic get double layered or glittered lashes. Below are 5 frequently asked questions about false lashes selection:

1) Which false lashes are most comfortable?

Lashes made on nylon lash bands are the most comfortable.

2) My false lashes are too long. What should I do now?

Check the size by putting the lash on your lids and whatever excess lash you see cut it off with a pair of scissors.

3) Can I reuse my false eyelashes?

If cleaned properly with a oil free makeup remover they can be reused. Make sure that they say reusable.

4) Is it advisable to curl false eyelashes?

Depending on your taste. curl your natural eyelashes first if you want a more dramatic look and then curl your falsies after applying them. Just make sure the adhesive is completely dry before curling your false lashes.

5) How to wear and remove false eyelashes like a pro?

With a lot of practice and patience. After you follow these tips you will be able to apply them quick just like the pros.

Step 1: Apply black liner using a thin line as this as possible and apply mascara. The mascara will help your natural lash adhere to the false lash while the liner helps prevent any noticeable skin between your natural and false lash from being visible.

Step 2: Measure your eyelid where you will be applying your favorite false eyelashes. Use small nail-scissor for trimming false eyelashes. After having them trimmed; hold both ends of False eyelashes' strip and turn them into a C shape.

Step 3: Using a Q-tip apply false eyelashes collagen glue on the strip of S false eyelashes. Wait for 10 seconds; so that the glue becomes sticky. You can waive your lash-strip in air gently to quicken up the process.

Step 4: Apply the false eyelashes on to the base of your natural eyelash. There should be a generous quantity of glue applied at both the corners; since it is often difficult to keep the false eye lashes stuck at corners.

Step 5: Wear mascara after applying false eyelashes again. It is advised to avoid wearing mascara over false eyelashes since it decreases the life of false eyelashes. However; if your choice is handmade false eyelashes from "Natural Prime Series" you need not to worry as these false eyelashes can be soaked to wash any residual clumps of mascara.