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How To Increase Testosterone Naturally - Improve Your Sex Drive Naturally

Testosterone is the most important hormone in men and a decline in its levels have serious effects on their health. Not only does it affect the sexual capabilities and libido but is also responsible for maintaining muscle strength, bone density, mood changes, etc.

It is scientifically established that men lose testosterone at roughly around 10% a decade and by the time they are 40 the effects become rather profound. Sexual or erectile dysfunction is perhaps the most disturbing effect of a decrease in this male hormone. What could be behind this decline is certain psychological and physical factors? Stress, depression, anxiety, nervousness or feelings of guilt are the top players as far as emotional factors are concerned. On the physical side. Age is the major factor as stated above.

Diet Changes

Eat protein rich food. Proteins stimulate the hormone glucagon and the anabolic (muscle building) responses important for adequate testosterone release.

Eat fats! Essential fats such as the omega three fatty acids found usually in fish, flaxseed plus saturated fats are important for normal testosterone production. All steroid hormones need cholesterol for production, and a diet that is deficient in fats leads to lower levels of testosterone.

Physical Activity

Both inactivity and over physical activity can affect this male hormone negatively. Experts advice an ideal workout of 45-60 minutes to enhance production of testosterone. Any more than this and your body starts producing cortisol which inhibits testosterone production.

Reduce Stress

As stated above stress is a major factor affecting your T levels? This is because you are not immune to stress and when you are under stress your body produces adrenalin, nor adrenalin and cortisol. Besides, all anabolic processes are stopped. This is because in life and death situations your body does not require to build muscle, eat, and have sexual thoughts, etc., processes that require vital life energy, all anabolic (building) processes including testosterone are shut down. So to raise your T- levels you need to relax and adopt a healthy lifestyle accompanied with good sleep. Sleep is a great stress buster and so is exercise.

Moreover, what can help you raise your testosterone naturally are herbal supplements.

However, testosterone can be increased naturally though certain changes in lifestyle and eating habits. Natural test boosters like Provacyl consisting of herbs like Muira Pauma bark extract, Panax Ginseng, Ginkgo Biloba Leaf, Acai fruit, chaste berry, etc., can help you raise your libido naturally which also have no side effects.

Top 5 Skin Care Tips

There are multiple ways to take years off of your face and ensure that you look young, healthy, and beautiful. By incorporating the following skin care tips into your daily beauty regimen your skin will absolutely glow!

Always Protect Your Skin from the Sun:

Weve all heard to wear sunscreen when we know were going to be out in the sun because it will ruin our skin, and even run the risk of skin cancer, but did you know the sun also ages you through wrinkles and age spots? Getting some sun is perfectly fine, like when you go to the beach, for example, but ensure that you always wear sunscreen and seek out the shade more often than not. SPF 15 is the minimal protection, but you should always wear it, rain or shine.

One of the best skin care tips that has existed for decades is to avoid too much sun exposure during 10am to 2pm, because that is when the sun is strongest the most.

Manage Your Stress in a Healthy Way:

If you bottle up your stress, its going to come out in ways that will make you embarrassed of your skin, which will bring on more stress. When stressful times and events occur in your life, handle it the way you normally would, but double your skin care routine to ensure that breakouts are kept to a minimum.

More Vitamin C:

One of the best skin care tips is to incorporate more vitamin C into your diet, whether you are drinking orange juice, eating them, or even taking vitamin C supplements as an extra measure. Vitamin C helps to promote younger, beautiful looking skin, so give a try.

Drink Plenty of Water:

You could spend hundreds of dollars on skin creams and treatments to make you look younger, but it all boils down to staying hydrated and drinking water. Drinking enough water will ensure smooth, hydrated skin, and will help fight against acne and breakouts.

Exfoliate On a Regular Basis:

Exfoliating creams and washes are relatively cheap depending on where you go, and are a great way to have beautiful skin. When you exfoliate your skin, you are opening your pores up to be fully cleaned and cared for, which will in turn bring on bright, perfect looking skin.

Caring for Your Skin:

Its important to properly care for your skin, so remember to get minimal sun, seek the shade more often than not, fight stress, get your vitamin C, stay hydrated, and exfoliate on a regular basis.

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