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The Do's And Do Not's For Your Workout Routine

Physical workout in any form is essential for us. Whether you love going gym, doing cardio or simply practicing yoga at your comfort place, it keeps our heart rate high and the whole body fit if done properly. But in case of following a wrong workout patterns, it could be harmful for our health as well. So, prior to starting any physical workout, make sure you know how various postures and exercises are performed. To ensure you know this thing, we have our list of the DOs and DONTs of workout routine.


The foremost thing to consider for any workout schedule is the warm-up. People often ignore doing warm-up which is not recommended at all. Our muscles need to warm up first in order to adapt to the exercising postures. A pre-exercising warm-up leads to an increase in our heart rate and this way you prepare your muscles for the rigorous workout. It also avoids the muscle cramps.

Stay Hydrated

When we do exercises, a lot of sweat comes out of our body and there is a need to provide our body enough water during that period. Thus always have some water in little amounts whenever you feel thirsty while doing your workout. Thirst is the signal that your body needs water to avoid dehydration.

Eating Right and on Time

Your eating and exercising patterns go hand in hand actually. If you dont eat the right diet in a timely manner, youre not going to see the results and all your efforts will go in vain. Prior meal and post meals really influence the results based on your performance. Consider having oatmeals, bananas, apples 30-40 minutes before your workout. These fruits are low in glycemic index and enough to energize your body for in the long run. And after workout (especially if you go to gym), you can have foods such as meat, eggs, fish, bananas and everything which is high in proteins and amino acids. Eating patterns also depend upon your body type. You can also consider talking to a nutritionist or a health expert to recommend the best available food options for you.

Cool Down

Cooling down after exercising is as important as the warm-up. After working out, your body muscles need to be relaxed and thats where cool down comes handy. Cooling down is also important to lower your heart rate and make it normal. It makes you ready for the next day workout as well.

Dont push yourself

Listen to your body and do not try to push yourself extra hard in terms of doing exercises. Your schedule should not exceed more than 1 hour of exercising and to see better results, you will need a sort of patience and commitment.


Stretching is also important if you want a flexible, stretchy body. Doing it before, during and after workout also increases performance, body posture and is good for overall fitness. If youre a beginner planning to start physical workout, these things are really going to help you for complete body wellness. Hope you enjoyed reading this post. Thanks for reading.


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