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The 5 Big Mistakes Men Make When Choosing Lingerie For His Lover

Doing things for your lover doesn't always have to come with strings attached. In the case of lingerie, the benefit always goes both ways. Unfortunately, men don't usually have experience with lingerie from behind the counter, they receive the benefit. If you're a man looking to buy their significant other some sexy lingerie, but you aren't sure what you should look for or how to go about choosing the right one; this guide is for you.

Style Googling lingerie gives you a plethora of results. There's revealing lingerie (more revealing than normal), underwear-risqu'e lingerie, lingerie with straps, lingerie without straps, some made with lace and others made with silk. Where to begin? Well, the first thing you want to do is get lingerie in a material you know he or she will love. It's best to buy lingerie in person so you can get comfortable with the material itâs made in. You may feel weird about walking in and touching the products in the store, and you have reason to. In situations like this, make sure to ask a salesperson for help. It can be something minor such as where to find the lingerie instead of panties.

Before heading to the store however, conduct research! Search online for types of lingerie and find something she will like. Afterwards, search for places that have that type of lingerie in the material you want.

Salespeople Are Not Your Friend Speaking of salespersons, you are only speaking to them to make your presence known. There have been cases where men have been suspected of browsing the store for perverted reasons. Salespeople are here to make sure that doesn't happen, or, at the very least, they simply think you're a pervert without taking any legal action, such as kicking you out of the store.

Salespersons are fine people, however they're in this business to make money. They will try to make you buy something, even if there's something there you don't want to buy. "That's obvious" I hear you say, but hear me out. Understandably, some men can feel uncomfortable in these sorts of stores because they feel as though they shouldn't be there. A salesperson can easily take advantage of this and persuade you to buy something you absolutely don't want, like a pair of sexy socks.

Who Are You Buying For? Because you're buying this for your lover, you are going to get something out of this. However, be sure to buy the item for him or her and not for you. I understand, thinking of them in a sexy little bustier or quaint camisole has you a bit riled up. However, ensure that you're buying something that she will like and be comfortable wearing; chances are, you'll like it too.

Adventurous? On that note of buying lingerie she's comfortable with, try not to delve too much into fantasies. I'm sure he or she would look great in nothing but a garter belt and tassels, but donât do that if they've never worn tassels or hates thongs. As much as this is something you two will enjoy together, it's a still a gift for them.

Fetishes & You Lastly, be mindful of fetishes. If they already know your fetishes and they are comfortable with fulfilling them, go nuts!

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