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Avant-garde Lingerie And The French Glamour

The word avant-garde is a French words that means "advance guard" or vanguard". It generally refers to people or works or creations that are not only experimental but that are radical or unorthodox with regards to society and culture. Avant-garde are works that push the boundaries of what society deems as normal or culturally acceptable.

The first ever designer to venture into the world of avant-garde lingerie was Marlies Dekkers through her lingerie line "undressed". In this lingerie line she went beyond the in wear or the outwear power of lingerie, in order to find a balance between lust and seduction. Her goal with this line was to give women the confidence and willingness to use lingerie to show their source of power. It is no surprise that many celebrities have become addicts to the allure of avant-garde lingerie.

Other designers who have followed suite to Marlies Dekkers are Jean Paul Gaultier & La Perla, who came together to create precise shapes with an incredible mix of lace and supple leather which gave their lingerie line an avant-garde effect. Another designer who caught the avant-garde bug was Alexander Pope and Javier Suarez who created the label, Atelier Bordelle which consists of seductive and luxurious pieces that include their signature style of elastic bandages that have a caging effect on the woman's curves.

Designers that are considered offer the Avant-Garde of luxury lingerie and French glamour are Les Jupons de Tess and Absolutely Pm.

Les jupons de Tess was designed by Delphine Ballester Les Jupons de Tes who creates an elegance line that replicates the 18th century woman. The 18th century was characterised by the 'Art de la toilette' and female 'coquetterie'. She has upgraded the 18th century inspiration to create a glamorous range of corsetry and lingerie for a woman which is dependent of their mood, whether they want to be flirtatious, seductive or mischievous. The result of their designs are a delicate collection which uses finely worked, elegant and luxurious fabrics. The layers of chiffon, leavers, lace and silks which combine to create a couture feel. There are different lines within this label like the "So Naughty" which is a range that is as chic as it is also flirtatious and the "Basics" line which is made from microfiber with the intention of being cocooning loungewear.

Absolutely Pm lingerie is defined as the true reflection of freedom. "The freedom of a woman who is constantly reinventing herself as someone bolder and more glamorous". The aim of this lingerie is to transform the woman into a fashion accessory icon whilst bending the rules of feminine behaviour and transcending them. This lingerie is designed to be for a woman to wear every day, whether day or night which adapts to fit the elegance and sexiness of women who proudly and boldly show their independence and own it. This lingerie reinvents itself with each season, changing its material according to the season. Absolutely Pm is not just a lingerie label which reinvents not only how a woman looks but how she feels. Absolutely Pm is a lifestyle.


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