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A Guide To Lingerie Shopping

Lingerie shopping can seem confusing and embarrassing; thatâs often why women will just choose to not buy any or to shop online and accidentally end up with the wrong thing. Weâre here to help solve that problem. Weâll provide you with an easy to follow guide for your first lingerie shopping trip that will take out some of the guess work, fear, and embarrassment. Weâll be sure youâre shopping with confidence.

Look online before you go

This is a great first step for those that are new to the magical world of lingerie. If youâre not sure what youâre after or even whatâs out there, itâs a great plan to do some precursory research online. You can search all the different types, see what styles you like best, which ones you think will flatter you most, and get a better idea for what you think you can afford.

Take a buddy

The number one rule to follow for trying new potentially scary or embarrassing things is following the buddy system. The buddy system for lingerie shopping can really make all the difference because you have someone that can make you feel more at ease, someone who could make suggestions that might know it better than you, and you can get a second opinion on how you look without awkwardly asking a saleswoman to look at you in underwear. Now, thereâs a few guidelines you should follow when picking your buddy:

1) Choose a person who is familiar with lingerie and knows what theyâre doing.

2) Choose a person who is confident and not afraid to scare employees off when theyâre being too clingy and making you uncomfortable.

3) Choose someone you trust that you are comfortable with.

Keep an open mind

Itâs especially important to keep an open mind when going on your first lingerie shopping list because you donât know what you like yet. You have no way of knowing how a certain style or colour will look on you until you try it on. If you find yourself kind of liking one, try it in a different colour. Keep an open mind, but also be firmly honest with yourself. If you arenât comfortable wearing it, you wonât want to. Donât waste your money.

Set a budget

You may or may not know this, but lingerie is expensive. You could just wander into Victoriaâs Secret and see what weâre talking about. You donât want to go spending more than you have, especially not on your first trip. Set a budget and stick to it.

Buying lingerie for the first time can be confusing, embarrassing, and a nerve racking, but not impossible. Follow our easy to read guide on your first journey into the magical world of lingerie and weâll help you go in with confidence.


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